National Independence Park

The park is located in the southern outskirts of the city, next to 10-Anniversary of Prosperity avenue and Archabil avenue. Its territory occupies 140 hectares, which is almost half of all the Ashgabat green open space.

Groomed paths, marble stairs and porches, flowerbeds and cozy benches are all necessary attributes of a recreation-and-entertainment park. But Independence Park is better known for its monuments located in its territory. Moving along the main alley with five-headed eagles-fountains and statues of national heroes, you will go up by a wide marble stairs to the Independence Monument.

This 118-m column, topped by a crescent moon with five stars, symbolizes the unity of five Turkmen tribes. The lower part of the monument is made in the form of a huge yurt, which houses the Museum of Independence inside it.

Not far from Park of Independence there is the Museum of History and Ethnography, and Saparmurat Turkmenbashi Museum, located in Archabil Avenue. Opposite the museums you can admire an enormous canvas of the Turkmen flag, attached to the world’s highest flagpole, entered into the Guinness Book of Records.