Altyn Asyr FK

Football Club Altyn Asyr is a Turkmen football club based in Ashgabat. Founded in 2008, they play in the top division in Turkmenistan football, the Ýokary Liga. It has remained there ever since, winning the Turkmenistan Higher League championship three times in a row (2014,2015 and 2016. The club also won the 2009, 2015 and 2016 Turkmenistan Cup and has been a regular in Asian competition in recent seasons. The team plays in the Ashgabat Stadium.

The team first began to participate in the championship and the Cup of Turkmenistan in 2008. From the first days of participation in official competitions team was headed by a director of the club Umarguly Nurmamedov. From 2008 until mid-2012, a team led by Ali Gurbani, from mid-2012 head coach Bayram Durdyýew. Since mid-2013 the head of the club became Gurbanmurat Hojageldiev. Dialing 65 points, Altyn Asyr won the bronze medal in 2013 Championship of Turkmenistan. Since the beginning of 2014 a team led by Ýazguly Hojageldyýew, help him famous Turkmen footballers Goçguly Goçgulyýew and Gurbangeldi Durdyýew. At the end of the 2014 Ýokary Liga, for the first time became the champions of Turkmenistan.